We are a full service laboratory to fulfill your every need. Here are some of the products we have to offer. Any additional information, please feel free to call us.

Full and Partial Dentures
Lucitone 199 is your best choice for a Premium Denture. Vastly superior impact resistance means peace of mind for both you and your patients.
Valplast® flexible partials are designed to provide years of comfort, use, and cosmetic restoration of your patients’ missing teeth.
Flexite is a light flexible plastic that strategically fits over the teeth and gums.  It is easy to insert, easy to remove, and hygienically cleanable.
Implant Crowns, Parts, and Attachments
Our lab uses advanced Cad/Cam technology to fabricate implant bars. The use of CAD and the precise milling of titanium blocks results in products with better quality than those resulting from the use of traditional casting methods, which are unable to control quality effectively.
Crowns, Bridges, and Temporaries
Captek is a high-gold, high-strength material with a porcelain bond strength that exceeds that of traditional cast alloys.  Captek can be used for both single unit and multiple unit bridges.
Premium Teeth
Densply Prosthetics Shades PW2™, PW4™, PW7™... white, whiter, and whitest give you the array of white shades to match bleached dentition cases.
Soft night guards, hard night guards, sports mouth guards, bleaching tray, snore appliance, and retainers.
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