Valplast® flexible partials are designed to provide years of comfort, use, and cosmetic restoration of your patients missing teeth. Valplast® is a flexible, nylon thermoplastic that is thinner and more translucent than traditional partials.

Valplast Partial DentureThe partial denture you receive is fabricated from Genuine Valplast® Resin. 


  • Valplast Flipper
  • One Tooth Nesbit
  • Two-Three Teeth Nesbit
  • Valplast Metal Free Partial
  • Valplast Metal Combo Partial

Valplast Advantages:

  • One Tooth NesbitComfort: thin, lightweight, flexible
  • Esthetic and Biocompatible
  • No tissue or teeth preparation
  • More durable
  • Will not stain or absorb odor

Tip for Insertion:

Immerse the Valplast partial in hot tap water for a few seconds for final patient customization. It will increase flexibility and adaptation of partial, which improves patient comfort and ease of insertion.
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