Product List:

  • Essix Retainer

    • Clear or transparent retainer fits over the entire arch of teeth
    • Only Upper is necessary
    • Does not allow teeth to touch
  • Hawley Retainer

    • Made of a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and keeps them in place
    • Mostly upper and lower are required to take affect
    • Allow teeth to touch
  • Bionator / Orthodontic

    • An orthodontic and orthopedic removable appliance
    • Stimulates growth changes that cannot be accomplished with regular braces
  • Orthodontic Study Model
  • Clear Surgical Implant Stent
  • Stent for Temp Bridge
  • Gelb Appliance

    • Mandibular orthopedic repositioning therapy
  • Soft Night Guard
  • Hard Night Guard
  • Hard/Soft Night Guard
  • Sport Mouth Guard w/ Strap
  • Snore Appliance
  • Reservoir Bleaching Tray
Essix Retainer
Essix Retainer

Hawley Retainer
Hawley Retainer

Bionator Appliance
Bionator Appliance

Orthodontic Study Models
Orthodontic Study Models
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