Flexite is a light flexible plastic that strategically fits over the teeth and gums. It is easy to insert, easy to remove, and hygienically cleanable.

Flexite partials have no metal clasps, are more stain-resistant than other flexible acrylics, will not warp or become brittle, and can be relined and repaired.

Flexite partials blend in with the gums so they are nearly invisible. They are perfect for patients who do not want metal clasps and especially for those who are allergic to acrylic monomer.

Flexite Metal Free PartialPartials can also be combined with a metal framework or with precision attachments. 


  • Flexite Supreme - Cast Thermoplastic Co-polyamide
  • Flexite Plus - Unbreakable, Tough, Super Flexible Polyamide
  • Flexite M.P. - Semi-Flexible Multi-Polymer Acrylic
  • Northerm - For Patients Allergic to Acrylic 

Bruxism ApplianceMonomer Free Thermoplastic:

  • TMJ
  • Anti-Snoring device
  • Bruxism Appliance

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