Zirconia has been a leading all-ceramic restorative material for over 15 years, with extraordinarily successful long-term clinical results. It can be bonded or cemented with any cement not containing resin.

Zirconia life-like restoration eliminates the stump and color of cement or metal framework from showing through. Allows the layering and the shading of porcelain within the crown to match patient specific characterizations of the restoration.

In-Ceram’s flexural strength of 600 MPa allows it to be used for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. Perfect fiting margins assure better tissue response. All porcelain construction eliminates thermal sensitivity and metal allergies.

Captek Full Cast CrownCaptek is a high-gold, high-strength material with a porcelain bond strength that exceeds that of traditional cast alloys. Captek can be used for both single unit and multiple unit bridges. It is considered to be the most esthetically pleasing, natural looking, and healthy choice for crowns and bridges.

Alloys Available:
  • Yellow High Noble
  • White High Noble
  • Semi-Precious Metal
  • Non-Precious Metal
  • GoldTech Bio2000
  • Others upon request

Radica Temp Bridge

Radica® is a revolutionary material designed with excellent physical properties that enables us to easily create extremely durable, highly wear-resistant provisionals with superior life-like esthetics allowing us to offer more options to you.

Radica is now available in all 16 A-D classic dentin shades and two popular bleach shades. We are also able to offer an additional translucent enamel and deep-red tissue tint.

Radica has engineered radiopacity so that it can be used for X-ray and CT scanning purposes.

Attachments Available:
  • Plastic casting pattern female
  • Nylon black fabrication male
  • Nylon final retention males
  • Others upon request
The fabrication male creates a socket in the processed denture base acrylic which mechanically anchors the final retention males in the denture. The final males vary in retentive strength. From lightest to heaviest retention they are color coded white, orange, blue, and gray.

  • All-Ceramic
  • Captek
  • Non-Precious
  • Semi-Precious
  • Sculpture Plus
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