Acrylic Dentures

Full Upper and Lower Lucitone 199 DenturesFull and Partial Dentures

Lucitone 199 is your best choice for a Premium Denture. Vastly superior impact resistance means peace of mind for both you and your patients.
  • Over 40 Years of Clinical Success!
  • Outstanding Aesthetics
  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Premium Product = Premium Results
  • Superb Flexural Strength
Available Shades: Original, Light, Light Reddish Pink, Dark Pink Acrylic Shade Guides are available upon request. 


  • 1-4 Teeth Flippers
  • Full Dentures
  • Acrylic Metal-Free Partials
  • Acrylic Metal Frame Partials
Gum tissues and jawbone shrink over time causing the denture’s fit to loosen. The denture moves more which damages more tissues and the jawbone to shrink even faster. This circle of events results in poor fit, discomfort, and embarrassment to the patient.

PermaSoft Denture Liner is a fast, convenient, and affordable way to restore the comfort and fit of existing dentures. This tasteless and odorless material cushions and anchors existing or new dentures to restore the patient’s confident smile.
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